weird request

I have about 45,000 won in gmarket gcash I'd like to get out of my account. Would anyone be interested in buying it. I would send you 45,000 in gift certificates, and you pay me the USD amount by paypal.

Also, I was wondering if anyone would interested in going in on a taobao or yahoo taiwan group order? I'd need to order through a shopping service (15% fee), but everyone would save on shipping. I could also do a gmarket group order if enough people were interested. It probably wouldn't happen for a couple of weeks though.

And, you guys can post. I won't hurt you ;D

stuff for sale + gmarket go

I'll be brave and go first~

Just a reminder that the Gmarket group order I'm doing ends on this Sunday, May 2nd! You can get more info here.

Also, have a bunch of stuff for for sale at my journal. I've got stuff from Korea (Gmarket, Zipia, Etude House) and Japan (Wonder Rocket, Shibuya 109, ChuXXX, deco tapes, CDs). Nothing over $20. Please buy my shit. :D

cool story bro

So, I'm almost done with everything, just need some real rules and stuff.

#1. What tags would you like?

#2. Should we have our own feedback post, or just rely on outside feedback for members?

#3. If people would like to have their sale posts in this community, should we have a directory post?

Any other comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated!